Interested in Masonry?

A candidate must petition a Masonic Lodge for consideration of obtaining membership. By requesting a petition, it will be necessary for you, at your convenience, to meet with one or more brothers from Temple Lodge so they can get to know you and answer any questions you may have about Freemasonry. This meeting is important because these brothers will be the signers of your petition should you still wish to pursue membership in our lodge. After completing the petition and sending it to the Secretary, it will be read at the next regular communication and an Investigating Committee will be appointed. The committee members will meet with you and your family to cover some required material and answer any additional questions you may have about the fraternity. They will report back to the lodge at the following regular communication with the results of this meeting. If they find in favor of recommending you for the ballot, you will be voted on by the brothers in attendance and if favorable, you will be contacted regarding the date of the conferral of your first degree.

If you are truly interested in getting the ball rolling, please provide the following information and send us your responses. Thank you in advance for your interest in Freemasonry and membership in Temple Lodge No. 9!

Christopher Fitzgerald
Worshipful Master

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